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11:55 am: Fic: Turn My Swag On (3/4) Glee
Title: Turn My Swag On (3/4)
Author: meremortal2k5
Pairing:Rachel/Brittany,Rachel/Santana,Rachel/Quinn, Rachel/Brittany/Santana/Quinn
Rating: R
Length: 8000+ (in total)
Spoilers: All episodes just to be safe
Summary: Totally AU PWP. If I tell you what it’s about, then I’ll end up explaining everything that happens in a single sentence. Read it and then tell me if you can summarise the fic without giving everything away.

Rachel took a deep breath. She was currently staring into her open locker, trying to figure out the next step in achieving her goals. Rachel’s full lips turned up into a smirk as Santana Lopez quickly passed her in the hall holding her hands together in front of her. Rachel knew what Santana was trying to conceal and it only made her smile wider. She blinked, a little surprised when Santana breathed her name as she sauntered past. Santana Lopez had acknowledge her presence without a scowl or a derisory comment, but then, a thigh trembling orgasm had probably ingratiated her with the Latina.

Rachel turned away from her locker, closing the door behind her, immediately noticing Quinn Fabray’s look of confusion.

“Fabray.” Santana gave the blonde cheerleader a quick nod before continuing on her way.

Quinn’s hazel eyes followed the tall brunette before snapping back to Rachel Berry.

Rachel gave Quinn a shrug of her shoulders and a gentle smile. She stepped away from her locker so that she could cross the hall but as she turned, Rachel received a very sharp slap to her posterior. She yelped, jumping slightly, her dark eyes narrowing as Puck chuckled as he passed her by.

“Noah Puckerman, just stop right there.” Rachel placed her hands on her hips as she spoke.

Noah turned with a cheeky grin on his face. “What?” He held up his hands. “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that, Berry.” He continued to laugh as he walked away until he saw the angry scowl on his ex’s face. “What?” He blinked innocently before picking up his step until he rounded the corner.

Rachel continued to frown after the boy who had just accosted her, as she moved across the hall towards Quinn. She rubbed at her sore bottom and grimaced. “That hurt.”

Quinn looked down, not understanding why Rachel Berry was talking to her.

Rachel could see the flush of colour erupt on pale cheeks as she continued to hold her hand against her rear. “Noah’s hands are really big and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I developed a contusion as a result of his assault.” She chewed on her lip and looked up coyly at the blonde still staring at her. “It’s still tingling, Quinn.”

Hazel eyes widened a little and Quinn swallowed convulsively. “It is?”

Rachel nodded. “Yes … but it feels kind of … good.”

“It does?” Quinn whispered and then cleared her throat. She lifted her chin and tried her best to glare at Rachel. “What the hell, RuPaul? Kinky much?”

Rachel fought the smirk trying to lift the corners of her lips but didn’t totally succeed so she dipped her eyes. “I’ve never tried spanking, Quinn.” She stepped closer to the blonde. “But, I’m not averse to trying new things if the right person asks.” She congratulated herself as she watched Quinn’s eyes darken with arousal. The blonde’s pale cheeks had flushed a lovely shade of pink and her lips had parted as she breathed in quickly. Rachel fluttered her eyelashes and lifted the edge of her skirt to reveal the gentle swell of her ass as it met her thigh. She glanced around, making sure that no one else was able to see what she was currently showing Quinn Fabray. “Is it red, Quinn?”

Quinn’s throat bobbed as she swallowed thickly. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Rachel’s blooming ass. She didn’t know what had come over her but Quinn couldn’t look away.

“It’s so warm, Quinn.” Rachel stroked the still tender flesh with her fingertips. “Feel.”

Quinn shuddered. She didn’t need to reach far because Rachel was so close that she could smell the brunette’s fruity shampoo. She bit down hard at the corner of her lip, trying to stifle her moan at being able to touch the soft skin. Quinn could feel the heat against her palm. She looked around quickly, noticing that even though they were not alone in the hall, no one could see that she was touching Rachel under her skirt.

“Do you think that I deserved it, Quinn?” Rachel gasped as cool fingers moved to squeeze her abused cheek. She had found her in with Quinn Fabray and she was about to follow through. “Do you think that I’ve been a naughty girl?” She looked up through dark lashes. “Do you think that I need a good spanking?”

Quinn took in a deep shuddery breath and then nodded.

“Do you want to spank me, Quinn?” Rachel breathed. She had always been very observant and she didn’t fail to notice the way that Quinn’s blush deepened every time she mentioned spanking.

“Rachel?” Quinn swallowed. She straightened her shoulders as she withdrew her hand from under the brunette’s skirt. “With me, now.” She arched a fine blonde brow at the other girl, Quinn Fabray firmly back in control. “I know the perfect place to teach you a lesson that you won’t soon forget.”

Rachel blinked, her smirk slowly creeping back into place as she watched Quinn walk away from her. She spotted Brittany at the end of the corridor just then, she had been watching the exchange, and Brittany was smiling widely at her. She gave her girlfriend a sultry wink and then followed after Quinn Fabray.


Rachel walked straight into the classroom only a few steps behind Quinn. She was a little surprised that Quinn had brought them to Mr Schuester’s room, but then again, not so much. If she had heard from Brittany that she and Santana would sometimes use the classroom for their extra-curricular activities, then she was sure that Santana would’ve mentioned it to Quinn at some point. Mr Schuester only used this particular room for lessons and spent very little time there otherwise.

Rachel made sure to lock the door and pull the blind before she turned to face the head Cheerio. Quinn was staring at her, her arm crossed over her waist, and Rachel was suddenly nervous. She wanted Quinn but she wasn’t one hundred percent sure that Quinn wanted her for more than to cause her pain. Rachel took in a deep shuddery breath as she remembered the feel of delicate looking fingers against her sore bottom. She felt for certain that those same fingers wouldn’t seem nearly as delicate once they had slapped her hard. Over and over.

“Quinn?” Rachel tried to keep the excitement from her voice. “We don’t …”

“Shut it, Man-hands.” Quinn scowled as she cut off the other girl’s comforting words. She marched across the room and grabbed at Rachel’s wrist before dragging her back towards Mr Schue’s desk. “I can’t do this if you keep talking.” Her words were a little softer this time as she sat down on the teacher’s chair and unceremoniously pulled Rachel over her lap.

Rachel struggled slightly at suddenly being bent over the blonde’s lap until she felt Quinn flip up her skirt to expose her nude bottom. She buried her face in her hands, hiding her smirk at Quinn’s surprised gasp.

“No panties?” Quinn almost pouted. She had really wanted to spank Rachel over her cotton granny-panties before tugging the material down and spanking the reddened globes. “You really are a naughty girl.”

Rachel nodded furiously but didn’t speak. She didn’t want Quinn to stop. Her finger’s curled around the chair legs as one of Quinn’s hands fisted into the back of Rachel’s blouse, between her shoulder blades, and the other caressed firm rounded buttocks. She could feel Quinn place her hand over the exact same spot that Noah had slapped her earlier, most like judging the difference in hand size.

“You deserve to be taught a lesson ...” Quinn bit down on her lip before she could use Rachel’s given name. “You’re a slut.” Quinn raised her hand and brought it down sharply, gasping at the sting she felt in her palm.

Rachel’s breath hitched and she squeezed her eyes shut as the heated tingle spread out over her ass.

Quinn cupped her hand slightly this time before bringing it down for three quick slaps. She watched as Rachel’s ass jingled and darkened in colour with each slap. She moved her hand to the opposite cheek and spanked the brunette with five more slaps, to even out the colour.

Rachel turned her face against her shoulder, muffling the cries and moans that she could no longer stifle. She wanted to call out Quinn’s name. She wanted Quinn to slap her a little lower, maybe push open her legs as she did so, but she didn’t want Quinn to stop, so she held her tongue.

The blonde cheerleader couldn’t believe that she was spanking Rachel Berry, that she had the girl bent over her lap. Quinn really didn’t think that she would enjoy this kind of thing, she had been a Christ Crusader after all, but she was currently squirming in her seat, squeezing her thighs together to try and ease the building pressure.

Quinn moved her hand again, this time centring her sharp blows over the crease of Rachel’s ass. She rained down again and again. Quick, stinging, slaps.

“Oh.” Rachel gasped. She could feel the sticky wetness dribbling onto her thighs and she longed to feel someone inside of her, but Rachel knew that if Quinn kept up with her administrations, that she would soon be coming anyway.

Rachel took a deep breath as Quinn took a few seconds to tenderly stroke the marks she had made. She felt as Quinn’s thighs flexed underneath her stomach. The other girl was just as turned on a she was and Quinn was trying to get a little relief. Rachel released the death grip she had on the front leg of the chair and pushed at Quinn’s knee.

“Berry?” Quinn’s breath hitched as her legs parted involuntarily. She watched as the brunette snaked her hand underneath her Cheerio’s skirt. “What the fuck?” She gasped, ready to push the other girl off of her lap.

“It’ll help, Quinn.” Rachel turned her head so that she could see the blonde’s face. “Promise.”

Quinn blinked quickly as she looked into smokey eyes so dark from lust. Sparkling tears had caught on long lashes, but Rachel had never once asked her to stop. She would’ve stopped. Quinn swallowed hard.

“Don’t stop.” Rachel shuddered as her fingers came into contact with Quinn’s spankies. The angle was awkward but she managed to stroke her fingertips up and down.

Hazel eyes fluttered as Quinn tried to push her hips against Rachel’s fingers.

“Please, Quinn.” Rachel whined. “I’m so close.”

Quinn’s eyes snapped open. She forced herself to stop moving against Rachel and ran her hand over the brunette’s very warm ass. She dipped her fingers lower; unsure of what she was doing, but curious, and even though curious nearly always got her into trouble, Quinn went with it. She chewed furiously at her lip when she felt swollen flesh that was completely drenched. Quinn had touched herself, but she had never gotten this wet. Never. And, she hadn’t even touched Rachel right there, she had only spanked her.

Quinn ran her hand back up over the swell of Rachel’s posterior. Smoothing her hand over the redness, she squeezed gently.

Rachel moaned loudly.

Quinn shuddered her response to the brunette’s wanton cry. She pushed herself against Rachel’s fingers and lifted her hand. She slapped Rachel’s ass, alternating her blows between both cheeks. Quinn was panting heavily now, painfully turned on by the brunette’s touches and her moans which were getting increasing louder with each slap. She didn’t understand why she had told Rachel to be quiet in the first place. Hearing Rachel whine and cry out her name as she was spanked was the most erotic thing Quinn had ever seen or heard.

Quinn grabbed for Rachel’s long hair and tugged for the brunette to lift her head. She really wanted to see the other girl’s face.

Rachel gasped as Quinn pulled her hair. She shakily pushed herself up and turned her dark eyes to Quinn. She really wanted to be kissing the blonde right now, but their position meant it was impossible. “Quinn.” Rachel whimpered.

Quinn continued to spank Rachel, but her slaps were lower and suddenly Rachel jerked forward and froze.

“Quinn.” Rachel hissed as she came apart under the blonde’s hand. She was still coming when she shakily slid to her knees and moved in front of Quinn.

The blonde didn’t resist when Rachel pushed her knees apart and reached for her spankies. Quinn didn’t even think to argue when Rachel said ‘up’, she just did as she was told and lifted her hips from the wooden chair.

Rachel tugged Quinn’s red underwear down and off of the blonde. She grabbed for Quinn’s ass and dragged her to the edge of the chair and then she ducked her head under her uniform skirt. Rachel French kissed Quinn’s pussy, tonguing and kissing the swollen lips. She ran her tongue along the length of Quinn’s crease before using her fingers to hold the lips apart.

“Holy …” Quinn gasped, her fingers tangling in Rachel’s hair, holding her head exactly where it was.

Rachel smirked and began to flick her tongue against Quinn’s swollen clit. The blonde was already grinding against her face and she suspected that it wouldn’t take much to push Quinn over the edge. Normally, she would’ve taken her time, making sure to draw out Quinn’s pleasure for as long as she could, maybe even multiple times, but the janitor would be along soon to check the classrooms and lock up for the evening. She resolved herself to the knowledge that she would get to have Quinn Fabray again, and started to suck at Quinn’s folds while she used her fingers to roll her hard clit.

“Ra …” Quinn pulled Rachel firmly against her. “Harder.”

Rachel rubbed her thumb around the sensitive nub, working it firmly, as she lapped at the source of Quinn’s delicious juices. Rachel didn’t think she could get enough of the taste of Quinn and would gladly spend a third of eternity between the blonde’s legs, but Quinn was thrusting quickly against her mouth, panting heavily above her and then she was coming.

Quinn bit down on her lip to stop herself from screaming out Rachel’s name as her insides tightened. She was coming harder than she had ever come before. She opened her eyes, watching as Rachel’s dark head bobbed up and down beneath her skirt, licking at her as she came. Quinn released her lip to take in a couple of deep breaths, trying to calm her erratic breathing. She tugged at Rachel’s hair, feeling overly sensitive to the other girl’s tongue. “Rachel.” She breathed.

Rachel Berry licked at her lips and then gently extricated herself from between Quinn’s legs. She looked up into dazed hazel eyes and smiled. “Are you okay, Quinn?”

Quinn nodded slowly.

Rachel used the edge of the desk to pull herself up onto her feet and straightened out her skirt and blouse. She stretched herself out and smirked down at the blonde. Rachel felt fantastic. “Brittany and Santana will be at mine tonight, you’re invited too, Quinn.”

“What?” Quinn blinked up at Rachel as she tugged her underwear up her legs.

“Seven o’clock.” The brunette ran her fingers through her messy hair, trying to make it a little more presentable before she left the privacy of the classroom. “Don’t be late, Quinn.”

Quinn’s mouth dropped open as Rachel walked over to the door with a spring in her step and gave her a little wave before leaving her alone.

Quinn looked down at herself. She looked a mess. Her skirt wrinkled and twisted, her spankies still not all the way up and she was just sitting there in Mr Schuester’s class with a totally dumbfounded look on her face, but Quinn had never felt so alive. She reached back and straightened her long pony tail and smiled shyly. Quinn was not going to turn down that invitation and spend her evening at home and alone.


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Date:September 30th, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
Please update soon. This is amazing XD
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